Craftsmanship, Quality & Durability.

We create functional elements for the public realm, creating spaces that people
can connect to, engage with and inhabit.

Ordering our furniture is made easy, so you can focus more on
creating unique and engaging communal spaces.


Our street furniture collection designed by established creatives can be easily purchased ‘off-the-shelf.’ All of our products are well-designed and well-made, drawing upon UAP’s strength in design and fabrication capabilities.

Trusted Manufacturing Capabilities Combined
with an Emphasis on Quality and Craftsmanship.

We understand the environmental and seasonal demands placed upon functional elements in the public realm. With the aim to make long lasting and meaningful objects, our approach recognises the importance of craftmanship, durability & ergonomics.

Our Collection of streetscape elements and Bespoke projects are developed through collaborative partnerships with artists and designers, utilising a vast selection of materials and finishes to produce distinctive elements for the urban environment.

Having almost 30 years’ experience fabricating for artists, architects and designers across a myriad of projects, both big and small, we know how things need to be made. And most importantly, how you value simple and straightforward purchasing processes.

We are explorers. We are creatives. We are makers.

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