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Thank you for your enquiry. UAP is pleased to present the following quotation for your perusal:

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  • 30% deposit at time of order
  • Progress claims (if applicable) payable 14 days
  • Balance (including outstanding progress claims) payable prior to delivery (refer to attached Terms and Conditions for more details)
  • Lead and prices may be affected, contact us for more information - [email protected]


  • Supply by UAP and its other business units are on a journey for a more vital, responsible, and sustainable consumption and production as part of its One Earth strategy and mindset. If you would like to calculate the carbon emission and offset the carbon footprint from your purchase, please let us know, and we will include this as an additional item.
  • Installation is not included
  • Unloading of pallets is not included
  • HD bolts to fix items to the footing
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries or require any additional information.

Karen Liang

New Business Coordinator
Phone | +61 468 997 296


Payment Terms

30% Deposit to be made by the Purchaser at the time of signing this Quotation. Progress payments (if applicable) shall be made within 14 days after receiving the invoices from UAP. The Balance (including outstanding progress claims) shall be made prior to delivery. Project implementation will only take effect on receipt of deposit and all necessary information including but not limited to the approved design drawings and signed off samples. The Project schedule will be reviewed, if the Progress payments have not been paid within the Payment terms. Payments are required to be made by direct electronic transactions into UAP's bank account on or before the due date stipulated on the invoices. Delays caused by late payments will be at the Purchaser's risk.

Nominated dimensions and finishes

This Quotation is based on quantities, dimensions, finishes, and details provided by the Purchaser. Any subsequent variation in quantities, dimensions, finishes and details may alter the prices quoted and the Project schedule indicated. UAP accepts no responsibilities for the accuracy of quantities, dimensions, finishes and details provided by the Purchaser or any other third parties as directed by the Purchaser.

Variations to Finishes

As many of the processes in producing various finishes are done by hand, there may be variations between samples provided, including project specific samples, and the finished products.  UAP accepts no responsibilities for these variations in finishes.


The costs of delivery are calculated in accordance with the Project schedule or lead time. Any changes either as directed by the Purchaser or as a result of changes to the Project schedule may incur increased freight costs and will be charged to the Purchaser as a variation to the Quotation.


Variations will be quoted by UAP prior to commencement of any changes. The Variations will be carried out at UAP's sole discretion. The costs of works are calculated in accordance with the Project Schedule and lead times. Any changes to the Project schedule beyond the direct control of UAP may incur increased costs and will be charged as a Variation to the Quotation. Day works labour rate for normal time work is $75.00/hr plus GST. other costs for Day works will be charged at invoice plus 20% mark up for profit and overhead, plus GST.

Risk and Title

Full title and ownership of all goods and services supplied by UAP shall not pass to the Purchaser, and any other company, individual, agent or customer of the Purchaser until full payment is received by UAP. Should full payment not be received within the Payment terms, action will be taken to recover the goods and all legal liability for the removal of goods from site and costs associated with the recovery of the goods will be the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.

Retention and Liquidated Damages

Unless noted otherwise herein, this Quotation excludes the withholding of retentions and/or security of any forms, and the application of Liquidated Damages.


Quotation remains valid for 30 days from date of this quotation.

Acceptance of Quotation

To accept this quotation, a signed copy of the quotation including the Terms and Conditions document must be returned to UAP with your official purchase orders. It is to be understood by the Purchaser that by signing and returning this copy a clear understanding and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Sale is made.

Site Services

All Preliminaries items including parking, scaffold and safety, ablutions and crib facilities, temporary power, lighting, safe storage if required, access to work areas, temporary protection, are to be provided by the Purchaser. Final clean-up of finishes and patinas on site allows for washing onto adjacent surfaces only. Unless noted otherwise, protection of adjacent surfaces is to be provided by the Purchaser.

Fees and Approvals

Statutory Fees and approvals, if required, will be charged to the Purchaser in Variations. Unless noted otherwise herein, any costs incurred by UAP in paying such fees and or making such applications will be charged to the Purchaser in Variations.

Project Site Allowances

No union fees, height, site or like allowances are allowed in this Quotation. All works will be done from Monday to Friday (except any public holidays, RDAs) between 7.00am and 6.00pm at UAP's sole discretion. If incurred, these costs will be charged to the Purchaser.

Sampling and Prototyping

Unless noted otherwise herein, the provision of samples and/or prototypes is not included in this agreement.


It is agreed by the Purchaser that any costs claimed or charged by UAP pursuant to the abovementioned Terms and Conditions will be paid by the Purchaser under the Payment terms of this Quotation.

By signing this Quotation, the Purchaser agrees to all the Terms and Conditions and acknowledges all the quantities, dimensions, finishes, and details provided by the Purchaser are correct,

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