David Trubridge

Westfield Culver City

David Trubridge is an internationally recognized artist and designer whose processes combine craft knowledge, sculptural abstraction and computer design technology with an emphasis on sustainable design. For Westfield Culver City, Trubridge created spiraling forms of lighting and seating to provide a hub for social engagement and a sanctuary for rest and reinvigoration.

The sculptural seat elements are hand-carved from solid blocks of wood (taken from trees felled in a fire), adding to the space the warmth of organic materials and a tactile connection with nature. The lighting element uses spiraling strips of polycarbonate, bringing the energetic focus from floor level to fill the volume of the space with weightlessness and movement.

  • DESIGNER David Trubridge
  • DESIGN TITLE Neptune's Necklace
  • PROJECT Westfield Culver City
  • LOCATION Los Angeles, USA
  • CLIENT Westfield USA
  • YEAR 2009