Jeff Kopp

Westfield Culver City

Artist Jeff Kopp created Punctuation Station, a family art park in Westfield Culver City made from oversized punctuation marks. Drawn from largescale outdoor media usually seen from a distance, the piece seeks to invert the language and visual devices of advertising as a means of engaging the community.

A memorable destination within the centre, Punctuation Station encourages open play, so that new experiences can be had as families return to the park over multiple visits. The individual elements are integrated into the mall and activate a range of spaces such as beneath the escalator and on top of the balcony. Together they form a decentralised design with multiple vantage points that draws people through the space and encourages gathering and relaxation.

  • DESIGNER Jeff Kopp
  • DESIGN TITLE Punctuation Station
  • PROJECT Westfield Culver City
  • LOCATION Los Angeles, USA
  • CLIENT Westfield USA
  • YEAR 2009