Sharyn Egan

Waabiny Mia – Play House

Indigenous artist Sharyn Egan collaborated with UAP and FORM on the development of Waabiny Mia — Play House, an interactive playscape for the recently opened Optus Stadium in Perth, Western Australia. Sharyn Egan is a Nyoongar woman, born in Western Australia. Famous for her woven sculptures that utilise traditional weaving techniques, Egan worked with UAP to translate her beautiful woven objects into a large scale playscape experience.

The organic handcrafted forms in shades of red, orange, yellow and grey integrate within the landscape, creating a connection to the existing vegetation and natural aspects of the surrounds. Fabricated by UAP using custom coloured steel core rope, this playful manifestation of Sharyn Egan’s woven objects offers visitors to Optus Stadium a space to play, climb, engage and relax.

  • Artist Sharyn Egan
  • ARTWORK TITLE Waabiny Mia — Play House
  • PROJECT Optus Stadium Playscape
  • LOCATION Perth, Australia
  • CLIENT Brookfield Multiplex
  • YEAR 2018