Fiona Foley

Redfern Park Playground

The children’s playground is a key element of the 19 million dollar Redfern Park upgrade. The brief was to reinvigorate Redfern Park, making it an attractive destination for families by providing inviting and interactive play opportunities.

Artist Fiona Foley was commissioned through UAP to create an intuitive playscape for the under 7 age group. Fiona gathered her reference material from walks throughout the local area, with the play elements themed around native flora. The intention is to stimulate the imagination and senses and provide tangiblecues to structured play activity.

These elements sit adjacent to other commissioned artworks by Fiona, that more directly reflect the site’s Indigenous social and political history.

  • DESIGNER Fiona Foley
  • PROJECT Redfern Park Playground
  • LOCATION Sydney, Australia
  • CLIENT Client of Sydney
  • YEAR 2008