Kylie Bickle

Pilbara Rest Stops

UAP SUPPLY was engaged by Pilbara Regional Council to develop, fabricate and install 11 Welcome Rest Stops across the Pilbara region. The rest stops celebrate the Indigenous cultures of their locations, through artworks laser cut into the steel canopies of the shelters. In creative workshops run by FORM and UAP, nine artists developed designs responding to the concepts of shelter and meeting place.

Kylie Bickle designed the modular shelter systems and accompanying facilities, including benches and tables, to provide durability and adaptability for each site. The shelters provide shade pools by day with sunlight creating decorative patterns, and light pools by night with solar-powered lighting. The shelters are raised on platforms that allow them to remain dry during periodic flooding, while also providing informal perimeter seating.

  • DESIGNER Kylie Bickle
  • ARTISTS Selena Brown, Jill Churnside, Irene Coffin, Gail Cox, Sonya Edney, Maggie Green, Juanita Lyndon, Ann Sibisado, Wendy Warrie
  • PROJECT Pilbara Rest Stops
  • LOCATION Pilbara Western Australia
  • CLIENT Pilbara Regional Council
  • YEAR 2014