Pete Wilson

Melbourne Museum Children’s Gallery

In collaboration with Melbourne Museum Exhibitions and the Museum’s Senior Exhibition Designer Pete Wilson, UAP SUPPLY developed an integrated playscape for the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery. Intended for use by 1-5 year olds, the Children’s Gallery is designed for exploration, play and learning.

At the centre of the indoor space is a large climbing structure and two elevated dome canopies. Children are invited to explore the many internal areas, testing dexterity and calling upon different motor skills in response to a variety of rope types, weaves and tunnels. Inspired by pattern, the Children’s Gallery also includes an interactive space where visitors can pull ropes to move large overhead discs, which spin to create new shapes, patterns and visual illusions.

  • DESIGNER Pete Wilson
  • DESIGNER Pete Wilson & Melbourne Museum Exhibitions
  • PROJECT Melbourne Museum Children’s Gallery
  • LOCATION Melbourne, Australia
  • CLIENT Melbourne Museum
  • YEAR 2016