Trent Jansen

Make Do

Sydney designer Trent Jansen was commissioned by the University of New South Wales, Art and Design, to develop seating for the foyer of the UNSW Galleries in Paddington, Sydney. Titled Make Do, the collection consists of the Make Do Seat, Bench and Coffee Table. The collection is influenced by the make do attitude that was born on the Australian frontier during the 19th Century. These objects adopt a simple making technique, cradling a log in a series of wedges, in order to provide a humblest seating surface.

UAP SUPPLY collaborated with Jansen to fabricate this range which combines Chinese granite, New Zealand wool and Tasmanian oak to provide a series of elemental public space furniture objects.

The Make Do Collection is also a Standard UAP SUPPLY range, with each component of the Make Do Bench, Seat and Coffee Table available in a range of materials and finishes, allowing the commissioner to customize their furniture, combining materials such as native timbers, sandstone, marble, granite, brass and mild steel.

  • DESIGNER Trent Jansen
  • LOCATION Sydney, Australia
  • CLIENT UNSW Galleries
  • YEAR 2015