Fiona Foley

Hamilton Northshore Parkland

Fiona Foley was commissioned to design sculptural play elements for the Hamilton Northshore Parkland. The collection of elements, themed on native flora and fauna, are intended to be read as both art pieces that appeal to the adult eye and play items attractive to children. Large concrete shells emerge from the sandy riverside beach. They are embedded with fine shells and encourage active play and climbing.

A mangrove flower becomes a study in colour and texture. Fabricated in cast aluminum with decorative mosaic petals, the flower is also internally lit, creating a subtle but striking feature at night.

Tall mangrove pod posts were sculpted from the salvaged timber of the sites demolished warehouses. They are bound with rope and embedded with small coins and artifacts, creating opportunities for close investigation, discovery and play.

  • DESIGNER Fiona Foley
  • PROJECT Hamilton Northshore Parkland
  • LOCATION Brisbane, Australia
  • CLIENT Port of Brisbane
  • YEAR 2009