Plummer and Smith

Chinatown Gold Coast Lanterns

UAP SUPPLY collaborated with NSW based design studio Plummer & Smith to deliver a series of vibrant lantern designs for the new Chinatown Gold Coast development. The colourful lantern designs are mixed throughout the precinct and draw inspiration from traditional and contemporary Chinese culture. Using Feng Shui colours of red, gold, blue and green, the lanterns are adorned with patterns inspired by fireworks, a traditional form of celebration in many Chinese festivals.

The lanterns complement the suite of design elements that have also been developed and fabricated by UAP SUPPLY. This includes bespoke seating elements and Paifangs (traditional Chinese archways), adding another layer to the unique sense of place that is growing in the Chinatown Gold Coast Precinct.

  • DESIGNER Plummer and Smith
  • LOCATION Gold Coast, Australia
  • PROJECT Chinatown Gold Coast Lanterns
  • CLIENT Gold Coast City Council
  • YEAR 2015